You moved to Canada from Mexico. How hard has it been for you to adapt to this new environment?

The last few years working on my career in Mexico were very dark and heavy for me, I wasn’t in a good place mentally, so when I left my city it was most of all a relief. It was challenging, the whole transition. It was really tough for me for many reasons: the cultural difference, the long winters, having no family here. But on the other hand, I was happy to start making music again and to be inspired. 

What’s your favorite thing happening in Montreal now?

The weather for sure! When it’s warm, people souls wake up, it’s a totally different city. I also love fashion so it’s great to dress up and glam around the city. I am enjoying the sun while it lasts. 

Have you always dreamed about being the music industry? How did your parents react to your decision to leave everything and follow a dream of living in a far different country?

I always had the same dream, never hesitated to follow my decision. My mother is a painter so she always understood what I was going through, she was the one who actually told me to stop working and just follow my intuition. When I was little I started writing my first songs in English so she always knew I wanted something challenging. My father at the time was more traditional so he was more worried about it, but in the end, they both supported my decision to leave Mexico.

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You are writing your own songs, right? What inspires you? 

My life is my inspiration, I was never afraid to share it. When I was a little girl, maybe because my parents listen to my music, but now I really don’t care. I love music, songwriting, poetry, I love movies, drama, and art. I would love to continue making amazing visuals and fantastic music, for everyone to feel connected, inspired and understood.

Do you play acoustic? What is your experience with the live shows?

All the shows I’ve done so far have been all acoustic. I play my guitar, that’s how all my songs sound before the production. The sound of the lyrics and guitar has a special place for me since I was young, but I definitely can’t wait to play with a band so I can finally release that hidden side of me!

What is your ultimate dream stage to perform on?

If we’re talking about my dream stage I would always love to play in a big auditorium and hear my lyrics echoing back, I think I might die. I definitely would love to share the whole experience, with amazing visuals, dancers, and the ambiance that music brings.

You have just released your second music video “Kitty Mama’.  It is truly a unique work. Are you always confident like that? How is the real Shiadanni?

I have always been a show girl, in anything I do, the bigger the crowd the better. If it’s a small crowd I do get nervous, but I always enjoy being crazy, I don’t care to be judged. On the other side, I’m a very isolated girl. I like my own space and I barely go out. My perfect zone is at home making music.

Do you listen to other music genres? What is your favorite artists, and what influences you? Do you find them as your competition? 

I love so many different artists for different reasons. From so many rock bands to name, to hip hop gems like Andre 3000, Nas, The Roots, Kendrick Lamar, all the way to Hans Zimmer, Joanna Newsom, to amazing pop divas like Rihanna, Beyonce, Jessie J. Including new wonderful artists like Jorja Smith, Cardi B, Rosalía. I admire so many people and I don’t focus on the competition. I rather feed my soul with everything they do. In some sort of way, of course, this motivates and inspires me naturally to make my own thing.

You have mentioned you are rather an isolated person. Have you ever felt like you didn’t fit in the music industry, school, or social life?

Always. Never fit at school, I always knew I wanted to be an artist so I loved writing lyrics during class, making drawings, kids were very mean to me, especially girls. As soon as I learned to play guitar when I was 10, I found my zone and I never left it. 

So you believe in sacrum zones? Are you a spiritual person?

I do believe in all of this. Since I was young I’ve been a weird girl, I was a very awake kid. I always felt the universe speaks to me in many ways. I feel that I’m an element of something bigger than myself. I feel that nothing is a casualty, and everything is aligned as it is for a reason. I think we all have a purpose. I always say my life is like a movie, and always said yes to everything. I guess in a way that’s why I love to add that ambiance of magic and drama to my songs. Whenever I’m making music I feel like I’m a witch!

What are you currently working on? What are your plans for the future?

I would love to collaborate with many artists and start performing more. I’m very excited to start producing my next videoclips! It’s important for me to be involved 100% in every step of video and music-making, and be sure the ideas I have for anything are well developed, either by the music producer or filmmaker. I can’t wait to start working with people who might feel excited or inspired by my work, and they want to be a part of it. 

So is the album ready?

I have finished an EP, and it’s ready to be released. I’m still in the process of figuring out when to release certain songs. Since I make songs regularly, I want to make sure they get produced and developed with the right people.