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Premiere: Jake Oulton’s Exciting Debut Single ‘Life On The Highway’


Jake Oulton brings a new diversity to hip hop.

Canadian singer-songwriter Jake Oulton is coming out with his debut single called “Life On The Highway”, a vibrant, energetic song that is set to conquer the masses. Fresh and exciting, this single sets a very high standard for Jake’s next releases. His music is so personal and relatable, letting the audience in on the artist’s own experiences and emotions.

Focusing on hip hop as his main genre, Jake Oulton knows how to get the best of other genres like country, rap, and r&b to show in his art. A true poet and a gifted freestyle writer, Jake has the ability to apply his poetry to any music seeing as the artist has a spot for every type of music in his heart. The artist put it best: “Music speaks deeply to me. I couldn’t live without the music.” 

One of the quickest ways to rise through the ranks in music is to create music that the majority of people can relate to. Jake’s inspiration is seeing people living their best lives, being their absolute best selves. He himself is someone who has an incredibly strong work ethic and enjoys pushing himself to achieve his best. Growing up on a farm taught Jake Oulton dedication and diligence which he now applies to his all-time passion — music.

Spending the rest of the year focusing on releasing singles, we can expect to hear more from the singer-songwriter. Until then, take a peek at the video above and get familiar with him below.

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