Excision Blasts to New Heights On 'Apex' LP: Listen


It's a long, hard climb to the top a mountain, but Excision feels like he's king the world. His fourth album Apex is a celebration all he's accomplished, and it just released in full his own label Rottun.

It's 14 heart-pumping, spine-crushing, face-melting blasts bass capturing a variety ups and downs. It opens with menacing ferocity on "Exterminate," raves hard on synthy explosion "Tonight," and oozes emotion on bold ballads. It features a number cool collaborators, from Excision's young protege Dion Timmer to melodic bass mister Illenium, and a couple tunes with "metalstepper" Sullivan King, including recent single "Wake Up."

"Working with up and coming talent is something I love doing because it brings a fresh perspective and set ideas to the table, especially for someone who has been producing for as long as I have," Excision tells Billboard in an exclusive emailed statement. "Blending genres with bass music and actually making it work in a cohesive way is always a challenge, but working with Sullivan was so easy due to how talented he is. The biggest challenge was getting the lyrics exactly where we wanted them, the rest the songs practically wrote themselves once we got in a groove.”

All in all, Apex is an album for all occasions, as long as you're ready to break speakers. It's definitely something to whet fan's appetite before his festivals, both Washington's Bass Canyon later this month and Lost Lands in Ohio come September.

"Whether or not you are happy on your current path is irrelevant," Excision also says in a press release. "We all have our own mountains to climb, but through hard work and positivity, we can overcome them.”

Dive deep into the madness and reach new heights with Apex below.