Ex-NFL Star Mario Williams Arrested After Breaking Into Ex’s Garage: Report


Former Miami Dolphins defensive end Mario Williams was taken into custody following a bizarre incident involving the mother of his child. TMZ reports that Williams’ ex was at her apartment in Houston when he came to her door. When she told him she wouldn’t let him in, he allegedly began making a scene and banged on her door even louder. 

Her denials weren’t a deterrent, because Williams apparently had a garage opener and attempted to get inside her home through the back entrance. She recorded the episode with her smartphone and TMZ Sports obtained the video that shows Williams in the garage. The woman angrily asks Williams how he managed to get inside and he tells her that someone let him in. At one point, he seems to say that it was a sheriff who gave him access. 

Ex-NFL Star Mario Williams Arrested After Breaking Into Ex's Garage: Report
Robin Marchant/Getty Images

While he stands there, he calls the police and puts the dispatcher on speakerphone. Williams tells the woman on the line that his ex-girlfriend has been hacking into his information by using their son’s iPad, and while Williams and his ex argue, the dispatcher gets cut off. Officers respond to the scene and TMZ shares that he was cooperative. However, he was charged with trespassing and taken into custody. His bail was set at $100 which he paid before being released./.

Williams’s ex has also reportedly previously filed for a restraining order against the former NFL star, and he has been ordered to have a mental health assessment completed. For this incident, Williams will return to court on the 27th of this month.