Everything We Know About "Atlanta" Season 2


The overwhelming success Atlanta has had since its premiere in the fall 2016 could not have been predicted. Anyone who was watching Donald Glover closely over the past few years would have realized, though, that when the multi-hyphenate uber-talented individual touches something, it turns to gold. Atlanta was no different.

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The FX show exceeded all expectations after its release. Each episode was a short story; a poignant observation race, class, parenting, money, culture. Sometimes, it was all these packed into one, like the infamous “B.A.N” episode. It picked up two Golden Globes (for Best Series, Musical or Comedy as well as Best Actor for Glover) and earned six Emmy Nominations – it was 2016’s best new show.

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When Atlanta returns for its second season this spring, the hype for it would’ve lasted for more than a year. A second season was announced by FX in early 2017, but with Donald Glover being so damn busy with other projects (he’s playing a young Lando Calrissian in the upcoming Han Solo movie), it took a while for production to begin. The hype for it has only increased in recent weeks with the release more details and a (somewhat) comprehensive trailer as well. We decided to break down what we know about Atlanta (so far).