‘Euphoria’ Season Finale Featured a New Song by Zendaya and Labrinth: Listen to ‘All For Us’


HBO's first season of Euphoria wrapped on Sunday (Aug. 4) with its eighth and final episode, and it most definitely went out with a bang. 

The end featured a new song, "All For Us," by Zendaya and Labrinth along with stunning visuals. Zendaya, seemingly possessed, lifts out of her bed and hugs her unaware family as she's soon transported to another world. 

The song is just as dark and epic, with a buzzing bass and chanting vocals. "Too much in my system (famine, famine)/ Money MIA (pockets hella empty)/ Momma making ends meet (making ends meet)/ Working like a slave (Mississippi aye aye)," she sings, backed up Labrinth. 

The two say goodbye at the end, finishing the song off with an ominous, "'til then." 

Watch the full clip below.