Eugene Lee Yang on Coming Out During Digital Media Panel Presented By Verizon Media at Pride Summit


Sponsored by Verizon Media, the Digital Media: Pride & Platforms panel at Thursday’s (Aug. 8) inaugural Billboard & The Hollywood Reporter’s Pride Summit offered audiences with an in-depth look behind the curtain at the inclusivity of digital content, and the creators making change happen. 

Eugene Lee Yang, known best as one-fourth of The Try Guys, discussed in depth his decision to come out earlier this year. The YouTube star said that at first, he was discouraged from actually posting the video out of a desire not to turn his identity into profit. "I was reticent, because I was prejudiced that I couldn't put this out."

But he ultimately decided to make his coming out public out of a continued desire to give his viewers something that could help them. "We have to express ourselves in the most true and authentic way," he said. "That was the best decision I could have made for that message I was trying to send."

The star also said that his mission moving forward is to promote the creation of artistic videos from creators rather than a popularity contest. "How do we innovate and make things that challenge the notion of being stuck in a place of just being popular?" he said.