eSports Star Tfue Sues "FaZe Clan" For Restricting His Earning Potential


A leading eSports professional going by the gamer alias Tfue is suing his team for limiting his bag outside the State of California. Known to his mother and friends as Turner Tenney, the 21-year old is seeking legal action against his current employer, the popular FaZe Clan. Although the eSports outfit was founded in the United States, their talent pool isn’t limited to the Americas. 

eSports Star Tfue Sues "FaZe Clan" For Restricting His Earning Potential

Norbert Barczyk/PressFocus/MB Media/Getty Images

Yet, in the case of Tenney’s lawsuit against the organization, the 21-year old claims that FaZe have tied him down to a contract that limits his ability to realize his full-earning potential through sponsorships, and other gaming ventures. Tenney’s attorney is adamant that FaZe’s restrictive measures are in violation of the Californian law.

“That Gamer Agreement is grossly oppressive, onerous, and one-sided,” writes Bryan Freedman, the attorney currently representing Tenney at this early stage of the legal proceedings. “Faze Clan uses its illegal Gamer Contracts to limit Tenney to deals sourced exclusively by Faze Clan and to prevent Tenney from exploring deals presented by others; deals that are potentially superior to deals procured by Faze Clan; and deals that are not saddled with an eighty percent (80%) finder’s fee.”

FaZe Clan specializes in eSports competition based around popular titles such as Call of Duty, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, FIFA, Overwatch, and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. Tfue’s particular field of expertise lies within the realm of competitive Fortnite Battle Royale.