Erica Mena Reponds To Safaree Break-Up & Cheating Rumors


With all the drama that’s been going on with Joe Budden and Cyn Santana, the podcaster and rapper decided to detract the attention from himself to another Love & Hip Hop couple. Budden and Santana reportedly broke up and although neither party feels a need to explain exactly what went down, Joe is down to bring another couple down with him. As reported by Bossip, the rapper said that Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena had broken up on his podcast, leading many to speculate what has been happening with the famous couple. Safaree was accused of cheating on his girl but after the claims were made, Erica Mena chose to stand up for her fiancé, defending him on social media.

Mena says that if ever Safaree were caught texting other women in a flirty manner, he wouldn’t have two legs to stand on. She denied the cheating rumors, saying, “FYI to all you flogs if my ‘ Fiancé ‘ were to EVER get caught texting any female but me he wouldn’t be able to walk right now. Believe dat! Sincerely a real crazy Latina.”

When Safaree hit her back by saying he misses his girl, Mena got a little suggestive in her reply. “I got plans for you once I get home,” she said. So, it looks like the two are still together despite all the rumors. Do you think they’ll last?