Eric Prydz Drops 4-Track Pryda EP 'Elements': Listen


There was once a time when mankind believed in four physical elements. Fire, water, air and Earth were thought to be the building blocks all things. That is all kinds hooey, course. There are far too many elements to mention today, but when we speak electronic music, there are a few elements that remain key. You must have a solid beat, you must have a funky groove, and you must have gritty, synthetic textures. Anything else is just pop music pretending to be disco, and Eric Prydz is a master the true electronic formula.

The master takes everyone back to the basics on his latest EP Elements, released under his popular alias Pryda. Pryda gave you the “Pryda snare,” perhaps the scene's most ubiquitous building block. Here, he gives fans four solid tunes that run the gamut sounds. It's a beautiful mix bright synths and dark bass. It's industrial and grimy, yet progressive and soulful. Each track builds toward divine heights at lengths no shorter than six minutes. It's a grand fering, though never pretentious. It's exactly what Pryda stands for.

Elements is out now on Pryda Recordings, just begging for you to listen to it over and over again as you discover all its sci-fi secrets. Hop in the spaceship and take f below.