Epik High & Sekai No Owari Team Up for 'Sleeping Beauty': Listen


“Don’t sleep on me,” urges Sekai No Owari’s Fukase Satoshi to a lover in “Sleeping Beauty,” a sweet tune the group shared YouTube on Thursday with Korean hip-hop trio Epik High.

The sleek, alt-rock/R&B single from Sekai, also known as End the World, marks the first time they've collaborated with Epik High. “Sleeping Beauty” is performed entirely in English by Fukase and Tablo. The chill vibe the song overflows with romantic lyrcism, which even incorporates a reference to The Beatles.

“The world is a wake-up call away from the end/ Till then, we'll find peace in this bed like we're Yoko and John,” says Tablo, throwing in some Epik High’s typical commentary on the world around them.

The song was written and produced by the pair with American production team Rock Mafia.

Both Sekai and Epik High are long-running acts in their respective music scenes, and each has widespread followings across the globe. Sekai No Owari has topped the Japan Hot 100 on two occasions, with 2013's “RPG” and 2014's “Snow Magic Fantasy,” while Epik High has regularly appeared on the World Albums chart, where last year's We've Done Something Wonderful peaked at No. 2.

In a video posted to Sekai's English-language Twitter account, Tablo called “Sleeping Beauty” the “greatest collaboration in the history music.” 

Listen to it here, or on digital music platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music: