Enfenit presents "Enfenit II" [TWIB Premiere]


Houston based emcee Enfenit (pronounced Infinite) is back with the sequel to his self-titled project. The 10 track project is a testament to his grind, musical authenticity anddelves into his journey as an independent artist and determination to overcome personal struggles he’s faced. For this project, Enfenit teams up with an H-Town legend, Tow Down who helps craft the perfect canvass for the emcee. Using a laid-back blend trap infused mid-tempo hip-hop songs, Enfenit is able to bring his unique song crafting skills to the forefront.

The project is filled with a myriad tracks that deal with different situations such as “Sorry” which highlights Enfenit rapping unapologetically about his commitment to music; “Fell back” (the lead single) which was written to inspire and embrace the importance getting back on one’s feet after a defeat. He also delivers some club bangers such as “Off Topic” and “In Motion” just to switch things up for the listener.