Emma White’s ‘Ten Year Town’ Video Paints the Music Industry Struggle: Exclusive


Emma White highlights the struggle a career in music often entails for hopeful singer/songwriters in her poignant song “Ten Year Town,” the video for which is premiering exclusively on Billboard today (July 2).

A taste of her forthcoming new material, “Ten Year Town” highlights White’s reflective lyrics alongside delicate strums of an acoustic guitar and light percussion.

White penned the song herself, and admits she initially thought she revealed too much in the writing room. "This song felt special from the day we wrote it, but so honest and unapologetically so. I never imagined it would be embraced in this way,” she tells Billboard. “I was afraid I said too much, but it taught me that the truth will always resonate with people." 

The four-minute music video highlights the emphasis put on one's appearance when trying to stand out in the industry, something White never quite comprehended herself. While she’s getting dolled up for a performance in the clip, there’s a somber undertone showing an artist who simply wants to be herself despite being surrounded by a glam squad.

"I’ve never fully understood the need to physically alter my appearance to be an artist. If I could wear the same black on black outfit every day, I would. To me, there’s always been a disconnect with needing to change my appearance in order to communicate my message musically,” she explains. “This video is meant to capture that process — finding yourself through losing yourself, and in the end, staying true to yourself.”

The video was directed by Jay Curtis Miller, and created with production company FlyHi Films.

Get a first look at the video for "Ten Year Town" below.