Eminem's "Till I Collapse" Is Spotify's Most-Streamed Workout Record


Eminem has been around for a minute, coming up in the late 90’s and steadily becoming one the best to ever do it. His music has always been a workout playlist staple because its hard-hitting nature, and the aggression in his vocals. Surprising though is his status at the top a new Spotify report, claiming that the 2002 The Eminem Show track “Till I Collapse” is atop a global list workout songs that people use in their playlists. While Eminem’s impact on the music industry has been incredible, the song in question was never released as a single, hence the shocking nature the discovery.

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The song, which features Nate Dogg in the chorus, has massed over 400 million plays on Spotify and consistently tops the streaming platforms’ workout lists. The lyrics are inspiring, focusing on inner strength and never giving up, which explains why it may be an exercise hit. The tempo allows people to get a little aggressive and remain focused on their workout, much like the majority Eminem’s catalog. 

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After 16 years, the cut has been used by big-time athletes, including Michael Phelps, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Shane Mosley, cementing its status as one the best hype-up songs to see the light day. Check out our Eminem and 50 Cent Spotify playlist here for your next workout and let us know what you think the 2002 track’s inclusion atop Spotify’s list.