Eminem Ties Jay-Z For Legendary Billboard Top 10 Count


Although Rolling Stone has established plans to come through with a new charting mechanism soon, Billboard is still the king of all charts. When it comes down to who has been the ruler of the Billboard charts during the last couple of years, the answer should be clear. People like Drake, Taylor Swift, and others have consistently been standing at the top of the totem pole and whenever legends like Jay-Z or Eminem drop, they’re bound to creep their way back into the Top 10. Fittingly, those two artists are now celebrating a joint accomplishment — one that Hov has enjoyed for a little bit longer than Slim.

Eminem Ties Jay-Z For Legendary Billboard Top 10 Count
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

According to Chart Data, Eminem has officially tied Jay-Z in the number of Top 10 hits he’s been a part of at twenty-one. Jay-Z was sitting at the third spot in terms of rappers on the list and now, the two are tied as the artists to have reached this height in their careers. At the rate that Eminem has been working, he might just be gunning for first place. He doesn’t seem satisfied with any assumption that his career could be nearing an end and with his feature on Logic’s “Homicide,” he makes it clear that he’s still coming for blood.

Do you think Eminem will climb to the second spot eventually? Could he become No. 1 or does Drake have that spot covered for the near future?