Eminem Teases M&M's Collab On April Fools' Day


Looks like Eminem got bit by the April Fools’ bug as he hopped on the socials in a joking mood, promoting a long-awaited collaboration between himself and M&M’s candy.

“Been looking forward to this collab for some time: Em & M’s! White chocolate- in stores now! #candyshop #fackingdelicious,” Em penned in the caption that accompanied a shot white colored chocolate candies with his signature “E” imprinted as a logo.

Naturally, fans have already chalked up the “announcement” to another case hijinks, especially given the fact that Eminem previously changed the spelling his initial M&M namesake—pulled from his government Marshall Mathers—to its current iteration, presumably because a copyright infringement claim that could have come down from Mars, the parent company the chocolate brand.

In the past, we’ve seen others take it upon themselves to whip up collaborations their own with fans creating portraits Eminem made out M&M’s or even playing an Eminem song on the bass using M&M’s but nothing ficial has ever come this clear opportunity to capitalize on the convergence one the most recognizable brands in the world alongside one music’s most successful acts.

Wishful thinking is that this joke extends past April Fools’ and may be a setup for something musical, but we’d rather not get our hopes up.