Eminem Shares Ridiculous Rehearsal Video Prior To Coachella


Coachella is this weekend and with people all around the world traveling to Indio, California to catch one the biggest festivals in the world, excitement is starting to grow. For those that are unable to attend the festival, it is set to be live-streamed to the masses so everybody can enjoy some the biggest artists’ live sets. Among the performers for this year’s festivities is Eminem, gracing the stage on Sunday to likely perform an array his classic songs, as well as some newer cuts from Revival

Since festival sets can be quite tiresome, especially in the desert California, performers need to prepare to make sure they’re in their best shape prior to the show. Eminem showed f his workout routine to ensure his stamina is built up for Sunday and his routine is quite peculiar. Ridiculously working on his core while one his tracks plays in the background, Em puts his abdominal strength to the test by clapping his feet together while balancing on his lower back. Running along with the shenanigans, Em wrote that he was “Busy rehearsing for Coachella” in his caption, as many his fans laughed along in the comments section.

With Marshall sharing his rehearsal for the big show, who are you most looking forward to seeing at Coachella if you’re going? Which track would you most want to see live from his arsenal?