Eminem Regrets Using Homophobic Slur on New Album: 'I Felt Like This Might Be Too Far'


Upon the launch his brand new record Kamikaze, Eminem was met with criticism for having a homophobic slur in his monitor “-LRB-******************************************). ” Among Shady’s loudest critics were Imagine Dragons’ frontman Dan Reynolds and Em’s particular collaborator on the trail, Bon Iver's Justin Vernon.    

The line in question is that a diss directed at Tyler, The Creator: “-LRB-*******************) make nothin’, I see why you called a f–t, bitch. ” The lineup was his answer to tweets from Tyler roughly Eminem’s “-LRB-***************) on Water. ” When that trail came out, the Odd Future rapper published “dear god this song is dreadful, sheesh how the fuck. ”   

Now, at a multi-part interview Sway, the rapper has confessed that if he doesn’t regret standing up for himself, he regrets with the term: “I feel that the word which I called him that tune was one of the things where I felt as though that may be too much,” he explained. “-LRB-*************************************************) in my search to hurt himI recognize I had been hurting a lot others by stating it. ”   

Mathers added as he finalized his record, his usage the slur did disturb himand he finally did choose to slightly vague the phrase, but he realizes that individuals can still comprehend exactly what he’so.  

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