Eminem Re-Ups On Original Throwback Merch Designs


In the wake of the great Eminem vs. Machine Gun Kelly war of 18′, Stans have been feeling more loyal than usual. It’s no wonder, given that Em has been dragged through the wringer of late by the likes of DJ Vlad and Lord Jamar. Even the Gunner himself used the opportunity to take a little shot, prompting old debates to gain renewed momentum. Suffice it to say, Em fans have been placed on the defensive and have decided to show additional support in response. Never one to leave his fans hanging, Eminem took to Instagram to announce a complete restock of his original merchandise run.

Eminem Re-Ups On Original Throwback Merch Designs

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

The t-shirts, which arrive in white and black variants, feature artwork drawing back to The Marshall Mathers LP. One of Em’s most iconic looks is among the batch, as he sports overalls and bleach blonde hair; all that’s missing is the chainsaw. Though Em’s capsules tend to center around his albums, these ones are far more generalized, all-encompassing of the man’s legacy and all he stands for.

Should you be interested in copping, keep a watchful eye on Em’s IG Store page, as the restocks are set to go down this week.