Emily Hackett Confronts Herself On Reflective New Single ‘Easy’: Exclusive


Emily Hackett bares all on her vulnerable new single “Easy.” Telling the tale of a woman struggling with past indiscretions, Hackett’s emotive vocals bring the song to life. A gritty electric guitar intro coupled with Hackett’s haunting vocals and finger-picked rhythms immediately draw the listener in.

“’Easy’ was written as a letter to myself when I was coming out of a really dark time,” Hackett tells Billboard. “The human in me learned that once I could get away with something, it wasn’t as hard to imagine doing it again. I referenced Eve in the Bible, picking the apple off the tree because once she did, it opened the floodgates. Cheating can go the same way. It’s not okay to treat someone like that--but it is okay to talk about it.”

On the song, Hackett confronts herself. “Why was it easy/ To do the wrong thing/ Why does the wrong thing always have its way with me/ Where is the good girl/ The one who knew better/ Well she picked the apple off the tree/ And now it just comes easy,” she laments on the chorus.

“Easy” is the first single off Hackett’s forthcoming EP By the Moon. The project follows the Georgia native’s 2018 release By the Sun. Named CMT’s Next Women of Country class of 2019, Hackett stuns with her introspective storytelling and unique musicianship.

Hear Hackett’s new single “Easy” below.