Emilia Clarke Recalls Embarrassingly Meeting Beyonce: ‘I Ruined It’ – Watch


The ‘Game of Thrones’ actress said that though she learned the singer was “clearly a fan,” she “ruined it” by failing to talk during their first encounter.

When Emilia Clarke stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday night (May 1), she shared that while fans are quick to fangirl over her being Daenerys Targaryen, she actually met the "closest thing we have to a Khaleesi" in Beyoncé — and "messed it up." 

While in a sit-down discussion with the late-night host, the Game of Thrones star recalled meeting the singer at the Oscars afterparty, where the singer approached Clarke to share that she was a fan of the HBO show.

"She voluntarily came up to me, open-faced," Clarke said, but added, "I just messed it up. She was clearly a fan and I ruined it." Visibly embarrassed, Clarke further recalled that she was unable to speak when in front of the singer, and instead of having a conversation, a “noise came out of her mouth.” Clarke joked that at that moment Beyonce was no longer a fan. 

Despite feeling embarrassed over their first encounter, Clarke said she feels she “could do another shot” and get it right. "I love her. I absolutely love her. It breaks my heart how much I messed it up." Meanwhile, the singer's husband Jay-Z simply said "Sup" to the actress. 

Though finding a fan in Beyoncé, the actress shared that her friends are unfazed by her popular GoT character. “My friends don’t watch the show. They legitimately don’t watch the show. They’re like, ‘Oh yeah, you with the iguanas,' " she said. Meanwhile, Clarke said her mom "just watches my bits." 

Also while on Kimmel's show, Clarke discussed Game of Thrones' epic Battle of Winterfell scene. "What you saw was really what it was like shooting it," Clarke explained of the scene's intensity. "You saw blood and mud… It was amazing we didn’t actually kill anyone. It was extraordinary." 

Continuing to discuss the show, Kimmel asked Clarke how she feels about Jon Snow now flying her dragons on the show, to which she admitted that she has reservations about it: "I feel weird about it I’m not going to lie.” She joked that she didn’t teach Kit Harrington the proper mechanisms to fly a dragon because he was “arrogant about it."

"He was like 'I can do this,' " she said. "And that was when I learned that men driving dragons is a whole other thing… He looked really pained." Her comment prompted Kimmel to explain that for men flying dragons "it’s the opposite of a joystick," to which Clarke agreed. 

Speaking of Harrington's Snow, Clarke said that she tries to diverge her brother, who works for the show’s camera department, from ever seeing her and Harrington film their intimate scenes. "Yeah, there’s some days when he’s like 'Oh I’ll swing by' and I’m like 'No it’s good! You can stay there," she said. 

Watch the clip below.

This article originally appeared on The Hollywood Reporter.