Embrace A Wave Of Positivity Through IceBeatChillz’s New Music Video “Area”


If you love some ethnic vibe blended with modern music, the rising Nigerian artist-producer Icebeatchillz‘s new release “Area” is for you. The release is filled with ethnic elements mixed with electro and dancehall beats. The artist also uses smooth R&B and reggae soundscapes and wraps it all up in an atmospheric and iconic nostalgic vibe. The release is the result of a collaboration with dancehall legend Beenie Man. The two share an incredibly creative chemistry, delicateness in approach towards music, and utmost professionalism. You can even sense the native Jamaican elements in the release. Icebeatchillz has Jamaican roots and owns them beautifully through his art. 

The release came with summer-filled, fun and uplifting visuals. The music video spreads the nostalgic feeling of summer when winter time approaches. It is filled with the most positive energy you can imagine, and the artists share the positivity with you through the visuals and the captivating sound.