Elton John Praises A Tribe Called Quest, Says They’re a ‘Seminal Hip-Hop Band’


The unlikely combination of Elton John and Q-Tip reconnected on Wednesday (March 20) for an interview on the historic English singer's Beats 1 Rocket Hour radio show. During the episode, the Rocket Man recalled linking up with A Tribe Called Quest to contribute to their final We Got It From Here… Thank You 4 Your Service album for "Solid Wall of Sound" in 2016. 

"I was so happy to play that. That’s where we first met," Elton gushed of lending "Bennie And The Jets" to the Tribe. "You came to London, and we did a track in the studio, and it was such a huge honor for me. I was so excited. I just absolutely love this. This is such a takedown of what’s going on. That is such a great track. The album is a fantastic record. If you’re gonna bow out with a record, you better do something like that."

John had high praise for ATCQ, calling the Queens crew the "seminal hip-hop band of all-time." "I really pinch myself when you say that something that I did is a favorite track," Tip reacted with joy. "I'm just like still kind of like, am I dreaming? I feel like I'm in a different universe."

On the solo front, The Abstract teased a few records in the can with Danny Brown and Mary J Blige. Tip then reflected on meeting Mary J. for the first time outside the now-closed Studio 54 back in 1992 after her debut single "You Remind Me" had just dropped.

"When I first met her, it was her and her girlfriend on the corner, right by Studio 54. There was just a show there and I was there for my boys, and her record had just came out two days ago," he remembered. "We must have been imposing for her because there was like 15 of us walking down the street and she was at the phone booth. She was like, 'Hi, my name is Mary J. Blige,' and I was like, 'You're Mary J. Blige? That record is crazy!'"

Listen to the entire episode of Rocket Hour with Q-Tip here.