Elon Musk "Obviously" Finds Inspiration In Kanye West


Elon Musk has been touted as a true visionary, paving new and unexpected paths into the future. His ceaseless thoughts have brought about innovative technological advancements that push the boundaries design, function, and form. Most recognizable for his Tesla automobile, Musk routinely invests sizeable sums money into developing and exploring the possibilities the human mind technological intervention. 

Fittingly, Musk was invited to engage in a question and answer session during this years’ South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas. Many people are fascinated by the SpaceX creator’s ability to think outside the box in terms scope and vision. Engaging in a conversation with Musk provides an endless amount food for thought surrounding the potential for creativity. 

The moderator this informative question and answer session probed Musk on who has inspired him. He jokingly admits that Kanye West has had a formidable influence over his oeuvre. 

However, when evaluating both Musk and West, one may begin to find some unexpected similarities between the two. Yeezy is continuously reshaping the boundaries hip-hop by working with a collective individuals who look beyond the genre’s established sonic palette. Similarly, Musk is constantly striving to forgo the established parameters technology in order to work out its potential in a more futuristic manner. Both these individuals are insanely intuitive, and aren’t afraid to experiment.