Elon Musk "Deletes" Twitter After Being Accused Of Stealing Fan Art


Elon Musk is one of the most fascinating people in the entire world. The 47-year-old Tesla CEO is seemingly one of the most creative entrepreneurs of all time, coming up with innovative ideas and using his eclectic personality to gain a loyal customer base. He isn’t a stranger to controversy, getting caught up in his fair share of drama over the years. The most recent headlines to be made regarding Elon Musk happen to stem from an artwork he posted on Twitter without crediting the creator. After some back-and-forth with fans about how he doesn’t “need” to credit artists before using their work, the brains behind SpaceX announced that he was leaving the social media platform altogether.

Elon Musk may have twenty-seven million followers but that doesn’t mean he’s not against leaving Twitter if he gets sick of the hate. As reported by Hypebeast, the entrepreneur announced that he would be “deleting” Twitter before swiftly removing that post and flipping the script. Now, Musk is back to his regularly scheduled programming, sharing ridiculous memes and reposting Tesla’s new announcements. 

The controversy stems from this weekend when Elon posted a fan-made artwork of the video game Nier: Automata. When his followers asked him to add the artist’s credit to his upload, he flat-out refused before joking that “no one should be credited with anything ever.” Following his “deletion” of the app, Musk changed his name to “Daddy DotCom” and switched out his avatar. Everything is back to normal now though.