Eli Lieb Finds Love on a Cruise Ship in ‘I Want It All’ Watch


Eli Lieb was looking for love in the right place. When the YouTube star and singer-songwriter met his now-boyfriend a year ago, he was shocked to learn that he worked as a dancer on a cruise ship. Instead of waving off the relationship, or even choosing for a long-term, long-distance option, Lieb instead decided to join his partner on the ride.

On Friday (June 21), Lieb released a new music video for his song “I Want It All,” detailing the months he spent with his new lover on that cruise ship. The song’s lovestruck lyrics blend perfectly with the video’s candid portrayal of the pair’s time spent together, painting an authentic picture of two people falling in love throughout Alaska, Hawaii and Mexico.

In a statement to Billboard, Lieb says that he wanted the song to be a moving ode to the “very unconventional” start of his relationship, along with being a beautiful representation of queer love. “During Pride Month, I wanted to put something out that showed a real-life relationship blossoming, rather than just a scripted one,” he says. “I'm hoping the viewers will really be able to get a sense of that excitement and celebration of finding newfound love, in a real and palpable way."

Check out Eli Lieb’s new video for “I Want It All” below: