Electro-Rock Duo Middlespoon Tackle Gender Roles in Campy 'HouseWife' Music Premiere


Austin, TX-based duo Middlespoon are known for their forward-thinking ability to take complex subject matters such as transphobia and patriarchy and slip them into hook-heavy electro-rock jams. Their latest single, “HouseWife,” tackles traditional relationship roles.

“We’re sick seeing women marginalized in pop music, so we wanted to shine a light on how ridiculous and antiquated gender roles are in this day and age,” vocalist Alexander Beatz explains.

The “HouseWife” music video sees Beatz serving up his best June Cleaver impression, as he irons, vacuums and performs other stereotypical housewife duties. Meanwhile, his female co-star enjoys some whiskey at work and comes home for a poker night with her lady friends.

“The funnest shot was the very last one. Alexander walks f the set, exposing the stage and walking outside, being joined by the dancers,” says the band's producer/DJ Jinx McGee. “It wasn’t only a blast to shoot, but it’s an important shot as it symbolizes that all those gender roles are just a stage from which we are proudly walking away.”

Check out the video for “HouseWife” below.