El-P Passionately Defends Killer Mike After Controversial NRA Interview


Run The Jewels is one hip-hop's most iconic partnerships. Spawned from the brilliant minds Killer Mike and El-P, the duo have delivered a trilogy excellent albums, with the fourth chapter currently in development. While much can be said about their respective musical prowess, today, Mike's politically motivated activism is at the forefront. Fans already know that Killer Mike has been increasingly active in the political scene, using his voice and platform to speak on racial and socioeconomic issues. Recently, Mike sat down with the NRA, and the interview was swiftly taken out context; from that point forward, narratives formed in which Mike was cast in a negative light, especially among his more left leaning fans.

While Mike has since issued an apology and explanation, Run The Jewels are more than a creative collaboration - there is genuine friendship there.  It didn't take long for El-P to hit Twitter with a defense his homie. "Despite our many difference (and i promise you they are vast and ten hotly debated), i've been around the block and i know a good person when i see one. i know who's gonna stand next to me and next to you and fight. if you've been watching mike over the years you know it too. if you haven't look closer. beyond twitter moments and anger and hot takes. you'll see it." He continues, writing  “i can not and will not ever turn my back on this man. he wouldn’t turn his on me. or you."

Killer Mike has since responded with an equally passionate statement. "I am so humbled to be your friend, brother & group member. I am so grateful to have an ally always," writes Mike. "I apologize for my bull in a china store like tendencies! I drive u nuts but i promise u I love ya brother & will always do what’s right. Thank u for your underserved suffering."

The bromance must be respected. Stay tuned for RTJ4 coming soon.