Ednita Nazario Promises More Music in 2020, Releases ‘No Pienso Volver’


With more than 40 years in music, Ednita Nazario still has a lot to give — in fact, she is working on her 25th album and on Thursday (Oct. 31), she is releasing “No Pienso Volver” (I Don't Intend to Return), with a first look of the video on Billboard below.

"'No Pienso Volver' is a song that came to me and I was anxious to introduce it to fans," Ednita Nazario tells Billboard. "The images were beautiful when the director, Diego Andrade, made the presentation of what the video would be."

Written by the Spanish songwriter Vicky Gastelo, "No Pienso" is a ballad about a relationship that has failed and they don't want to get back together. In the video, a male couple interprets through dance the powerful feeling that is reflected in the song through Nazario’s voice.

"No Pienso Volver" is the first single from Ednita's forthcoming album, which will be released in 2020. "Next year I come back with new music, tour plans and more," added Nazario.

Watch the full video below: