Ed Sheeran Loves Ketchup So Much, He’s Releasing His Own "Edchup" With Heinz


One of the cool things about being a celebrity, is that once you have the power to do so, you can pretty much make any of of your childhood dreams come true. Ed Sheeran is certainly doing so, as recent news sees him teaming up with Heinz tomato ketchup, to create his own brand of its iconic condiment, dubbed “Edchup”. The partnership comes as a celebration of the British food giant’s 150th anniversary – and Sheeran’s self-divulged and lifelong love of ketchup. Each of the special edition bottles will feature a unique logo which includes the “Thinking Out Loud” singer’s face reimagined as a hilarious smiley, leaf-haired tomato. The collaboration comes at a busy time for Sheeran, after which he recently released his single “Cross Me” with Chance The Rapper and PnB Rock.

Ed Sheeran Loves Ketchup So Much, He's Releasing His Own "Edchup" With Heinz

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images

While some may be surprised, and even a little confused about the collaboration, it’s actually less out-of-the-blue than you may think. Sheeran’s devotion to Heinz is so strong, the 28-year-old even has a tattoo of the company’s logo on his arm. In addition to this, Heinz also claims that one-third of its Instagram activity since 2014 features the musician, either in tags or mentions.

On Wednesday, Sheeran took to Instagram on Wednesday, to share news of the partnership with his 29 million followers: “it’s actually real and you’ll be able to get your hands on one very soon,” he wrote in a caption below a photograph of him kissing his beloved bottle of “Edchup”.