Ebro Wants Nicki Minaj To Be Celebrated For Bringing Back Women In Rap


As the end of the decade approaches, people are beginning to reflect on who have been the true winners since 2010. When a retrospective look is given, the longevity of someone’s impact can be determined. If you think about the 2010’s, Nicki Minaj will likely come to mind. To quote Nicki on 2014’s “Want Some More”: 

“Who had Eminem on the first album?
Who had Kanye saying, ‘She a problem’?
Who the f*ck came in the game, made her own column?
Who made Lil Wayne give ’em five million?”

And the list goes on. Amidst all these accomplishments, Ebro believes it’s important that Nicki be shown proper respect for one in particular – bringing women in rap back. “As this decade closes can someone put together a real celebration for Nicki Minaj?,” the Hot 97 host tweeted. “She brought women in Rap back!! Lil Wayne gave her the bounce pass & she took off…now look!”. 

Nicki would be happy to see Ebro paying this homage, as she has expressed in the past that she feels the scope of her influence is often overlooked. Ebro would be a great person to arrange this celebration and we would love to participate. 

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