Eats Everything Puts the Fun in Funky Acid House on ‘Smartypants’: Exclusive


When it comes to being fearless in the studio, British producer Eats Everything is one of the best. He never holds himself back for fear of coming off too strange, and his latest goodie is the perfect example of how amusing oneself can lead to pure entertainment on the dance floor.

"Smartypants" is a real weird boiler. A simple, persistent beat builds into a techy rhythm that drives into silly synth atmospheres until finally erupting in a quirky acid house groove. The playful, six-and-a-half-minute song is the third tune in a three-track EP coming Friday to Loco Dice's label Desolat. The producer says all the EP's tunes are an expression of putting the fun in funky.

“It’s really nice when you make something that a label you really respect is into," Eats Everything is quoted in a press release, "because it then gives you creative impetus to create more. I don’t make tracks for any label specifically, I just make music and how it turns out is how it turns out.”

The full EP is out everywhere Friday, Aug. 16, Desolat Records. Listen to "Smartypants" a day ahead of schedule, exclusively on Billboard Dance.