Easter Bunny Attempts To Break Up Florida Street Brawl By Throwing A Few Punches


The Easter long weekend is supposed to be a peaceful time but over in Florida where seemingly anything can happen, a man and woman found themselves in a street brawl. Thanks to the help of an Easter bunny, the brawl didn’t blow up into anything too serious. In the video below, you can see a man a woman getting quite physical after an accidental bump-in on the sidewalk.

The unknown person in a Easter bunny costume didn’t like the looks of the situation and intervened. At first, it seems like the Easter bunny is helping to break the fight up but it then turns out they were just jumping in to throw a few shots on the man, taking the woman’s side. A police officer finally arrives and the bunny stands back eventually receiving props from other pedestrians standing by.

According to the Orlando Weekly, no one was charged in the incident. “The officer on-scene broke up the incident and dispersed the parties involved,” Orlando Police Department’s Sgt. David Baker in a statement. “No arrests or reports were completed.”