Dynas – Thai Food (feat. DJ Jazzy Jeff) (Video)

Dynas_3_3x2 Dynas - Thai Food (feat. DJ Jazzy Jeff) (Video)

Director Tommy Nova is behind the lens for the visuals, and he puts the focus squarely on the acclaimed underground emcee. Dynas is front and center for the video, and he uses that to his advantage to showcase his charisma while spitting some wild levels of bravado. In addition to detailing how he stole someone’s girl, he raps lines like, “You rappers stay on that lame sh*t/ Talkin’ all loud/ Chasin’ your clout/ Tryna draw a crowd.”

It’s more than just slick talk, though, because the video also carries an upbeat, party vibe that we get to see here. And it just feels genuinely uplifting to see Dynas and his homies posted up and chilling in the studio where, in addition to recording this joint, we get to finally see the titular “Thai Food.”

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