Dwyane Wade Surprises Jr NBA Player After Scoring Triple-Double: Watch


This past weekend, the Jr NBA World Championships were hosted in Orlando, Florida and some NBA stars were in attendance to check out the young talent that was participating in the tournament. Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade was among one of the biggest stars at the event and he was completely awestruck by the performance of a young player for Africa/Middle East named, Marouf Moumine. In the game Wade got to watch, Moumine went off as he picked up a triple-double and was able to score 28 points, 21 rebounds, and 12 assists.

After the game, Wade went up to Moumine and spoke to him through an interpreter about his performance. Moumine was extremely gracious towards and Wade and seemed a little starstruck over being approached by such a legend. The two even took a selfie together before Wade had to leave.

“It was a joy to watch him play. […] He’s definitely one of the most talented kids I watched play,” Wade went on to say. This is high praise when you consider how Wade has seen a lot of kids play over the years.

The Jr NBA initiative is great as it allows kids from around the world to show off their talents and get looked at by scouts they otherwise wouldn’t even get exposure to. It will be interesting to see if we Moumine at the next level in the future as its clear he’s already starting to impress people.