Dwyane Wade Punks Streetball Player With Mutombo Finger Wag: Watch


Dwyane Wade might be retired but that hasn’t stopped him from thoroughly enjoying the game of basketball. Wade is a legend of the game and when fans get an opportunity to play against him, it’s no surprise that they break out some of their best moves. Well, for one poor streetball player, his attempts to get on Wade’s good side went astray. 

Wade is currently doing a basketball tour in China and got to partake in a little streetball game. At one point in the match, a player went one-on-one against Wade and tried to pull off some tantalizing moves. Of course, Wade has played against some of the NBA’s best over the years so he was more than prepared for what he was about to face. Despite the player’s best efforts, Wade easily defended the man and then promptly blocked his weak attempt at a shot.

To add insult to injury, Wade hit the player with the classic Dikembe Mutombo finger wag which added to the embarrassment of it all. If Wade had blocked the guy after a normal run up the court, it wouldn’t have been so bad but when you consider the moves involved here, it really is some poetic justice.

It’s good to see Wade back out on the court as his game is always an exciting sight.