Dwyane Wade Is Having Way Too Much Fun During Retirement: Watch


Dwyane Wade will forever go down as an NBA legend and this past season, he was given a farewell tour for the ages as he played his last season with the Miami Heat. Wade brought three championships to the city and a ton of highlights to go with them. Now that Wade has retired, he is out and about doing everything he can to live his best life and enjoy the things he couldn’t do while playing in the league.

Thanks to his newfound freedom, Wade has been taking to social media quite a bit with videos from his various exploits. This past weekend, Wade turned it up a notch while partying on a yacht. Wade even had Pat Riley with him as they dressed up in costumes and began to dance like fathers trying to embarrass their kids at the dinner table.

The sight of these two is pretty hilarious and it just goes to show how nice it can be to escape the pressures of training camp and all of the physical tolls that come with it. This is the first time in years that Wade can just enjoy himself at this time of year and it’s a beautiful sight.

In another video, Wade could be seen having a blast as he went around in circles in the water. Basketball seems to be the last thing on his mind right now and quite honestly, that’s probably how he wants to keep it.