Dwight Howard Displays Insane Dedication Following Lakers Game: Watch


Dwight Howard is nearing the end of his NBA career and with that has come a ton of criticism as to how effective he really is on the court. There was a time where Howard was easily one of the best big men in the entire NBA but since his first tenure with the Los Angeles Lakers, he has been on a bit of decline. Now, Howard is back on the purple and gold and is looking to redeem himself. He wants to show the fans that he means business and with LeBron and Anthony Davis beside him, he’s as determined as ever. 

Last night, the Lakers played a preseason game at the Staples Center against the Golden State Warriors. Howard went three for five from the free-throw line and wasn’t happy with himself. After the match, Howard kept his gear on and went back to the court where he practiced some free throws. 

Howard’s dedication is palpable this season and it’s not every day you see a player going back for more after the game is already over. Fans seemed pretty impressed by his dedication and if this is how hungry Howard is this season, then the Lakers and their fans are in luck.

At this point in his career, Howard could just let these things go but this season, he seems like a man on a mission. You love to see it.