Dwayne Johnson "Humbly & Graciously" Accepts His Razzie Award


Dwayne Johnson is an untouchable box-fice megastar, routinely catapulting his projects into cultural ubiquity. Whether starring in the ultra-successful Fast and the Furious franchise, or helping bring Jumanji back into theatres, Johnson’s ability to connect with paying audiences is undeniable. However, that does not always ring true with the perceived quality his projects.

Baywatch, the much maligned cinematic reboot the classic television series, was basically a shoe-in for the Razzies when it debuted back in the summer 2017. The film was ripped apart by critics, and audiences did not turn up en masse to witness this certifiable crap fest. 

The film eventually went on to win a newly minted accolade called the “Special Rotten Tomatoes Award: The Razzie Nominee So Bad You Loved It!” Johnson took to Instagram yesterday to speak about this dubious honour, especially in connection with the Oscars, which routinely celebrates cinema’s best. 

The actor took the dishonour in good spirits, simultaneously acknowledging the film’s shortcomings, while also revealing the good intentions he and the cast/crew had when creating the project. 

“It’s Oscar Sunday, I’m super pumped and very proud my buddies who are nominated. I’m pulling for you guys to bring home the gold,” he gleefully exclaimed. Johnson further reveals how “I’m also excited because I was just informed that I too am bringing home the gold tonight, no not an Oscar, but maybe one day, but a Razzie.”

The chances this Razzie win ruining his career prospects is slim to none, as his star power seems impervious to critical condemnation.