Dwayne Haskins Reveals Which Defensive Player He’s Most Worried About


Dwayne Haskins hasn’t even played one snap in the National Football League and there are already a ton of expectations being placed on him. Haskins was selected by the Washington Redskins with the 15th overall pick after sliding down the draft order. The Ohio State quarterback explained how the league had made a mistake by passing up on him and that he would dominate once given the chance to start. Haskins is currently at Redskins rookie camp has gotten the opportunity to throw the ball around and participate in some workouts that will surely get him in shape for the start of the season.

TMZ Sports recently caught up with Haskins where they asked him about which player worries him the most when it comes to his opponents. Haskins wasted no time answering the question, explaining how there is one player on the Chicago Bears that he already has his sights on.

“Khalil Mack is somebody I would not want to be touched by,” Haskins exclaimed.

Luckily for Haskins, the Redskins only play the Bears once this season although it will come in Week 3 which is fairly soon into the draft pick’s young career. He’ll have to keep his head on a swivel if he wants to escape that game unscathed.

To be fair, anybody would be scared of Mack.