Dvsn Returns With New Songs ‘Miss Me’ and ‘In Between’: Listen


After releasing their stellar sophomore album Morning After in 2017, R&B tandem Dvsn, returns today (July 10) with a pair of new records in "Miss Me" and "In Between."

The former track is a catchy earworm anchored by Daniel Daley's melancholy lyrics. "If you want me back, let me know/ this time I won't keep it on the low," he sings on the tuneful bop.

"We all have that one person we can't get off our mind, but we get scared to ask if they feel the same way," details the group in a press release. "This song helps with that hard to ask question: 'Do You Miss Me?'" 

On "In Between," Daley floats on the string-laden soundscape laid out by Nineteen85. In hopes of putting his guard down, he peels back his layers and offers a simple "sorry" to help string together a fruitful companionship "Trust is big for you, that's why I keep it a hund," he croons.

"'In Between' speaks for the grey area between two people who still haven't figured out the best ways to communicate their feelings," reveals Dvsn. "Sometimes, we need to remove all the barriers, even the ones we may have never noticed." 

Listen to "Miss Me" and "In Between" below.