Dvbbs Enlists Viral Sensation Casey Frey For ‘GOMF’ Watch


When internet sensation Casey Frey's "GOMF" dance video exploded, long-haired duo Dvbbs knew the funnyman had to be in the official music video.

Frey is the leather-jacketed man who runs the mechanical bull ride and speaks in the goofy German accent. Some fans feel there should have been more of Frey dancing in the clip, but there is more to the story than this. When Frey invites some lovely ladies to the bar, Dvbbs, vocalist Bridge and some young boys take full notice. The grown men and children begin a long battle of one-up-manship to win the ladies' affections.

Have you ever seen kids and adults grapple over bowling lanes and claw machines? Here's your chance.

"GOMF" is a pretty cute clip no matter how you slice it, and yes, there is a Ferrari.

Check out the official music video and Frey's original viral clip below.