DVBBS & blackbear Play Revenge Games in 'IDWK' Watch


Florida-raised and California-based singer blackbear is modern music's patron saint jealousy and heartbreak. He's got a tough veneer “I don't care,” but just below the surface is a sensitive guy who just wants to be loved. As the feature for DVBBS' latest single “IDWK,” he sings that he doesn't wanna know who's touching his lover when he's not there, although there's a hint maddening obsession that says otherwise. For the video, though, he flips the script, and it is he who is doing the evil deeds, until he gets his just desserts.

“IDWK,” directed by Zac Facts and out today (July 10), tells the cautionary tale what happens when a woman scorned has had enough. Her vengeful plot plays out with some help from DVBBS. The duo let its usual bass sound slide a bit toward funky dance-pop on this catchy number. Just because the duo shows its sweet side in the melody, doesn't mean they've buried the mean streak for good.

The single is DVBBS most successful song to date, peaking at No. 12 on the Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart in June. Will the video push the song toward further greatness? Will the bad-boy singer survive the wrath the woman he wronged? Watch “IDWK” below to find out.