DVBBS & blackbear Got Beats You Can't Get Over With 'IDWK': Listen


Is there any singer in the world better at playing the heartbroken cad than blackbear? If there is, I don't want to know. Coincidentally, that's the name the honey-drip singer's new collaboration with the bass boys from DVBBS. That's what the acronym “IDWK” stands for, anyway, and this time, DVBBS left the bass booms at home, trying their hand at delightfully-glitchy pop-house instead.

This is the kind summer anthem that burns slow and lingers like your ex's perfume. It's an instant creeper. It's going to live under your skin and between your ears, insuring you're never really ready to move on to the next.

“Blackbear has always been an artist we've wanted to work with,” DVBBS says in a joint emailed statement. “To walk away with a record like 'IDWK' is something we are so proud . We both stepped outside our comfort zone on this record. I think that's why it came out so special.”

“The best crossover I’ve been a part to date,” blackbear says in an emailed statement. 

“IDWK” is out now on Ultra Records. Get involved with its funk below.