Dutch DJ Julian Jordan Talks Friendship With Martin Garrix, Being CEO of Own Label


Known not only as one the youngest DJs and music producers in the industry, 23-year-old Dutch DJ Julian Jordan is the country's new generation dance music hotshots, with an impressive track record in his short time in the game.

He brings a fresh spin to the dance scene, fusing some its trademark sound and bombast with exciting new twists and influences. Jordan sat down with Billboard Radio China before his performance at Tomorrowland United Taipei 2018 to talk about his experience in Asia tours, his collaboration, working experience with Martin Garrix, managing his own label and what to expect from his live shows.

It's Jordan's second show in Taipei, he said he always looks forward to being able to perform in Asia. "I actually love Asia tour because the people here are really dedicated to the music and they really love going out and showing that they love the music," Jordan said.

Jordan's passion and interest for music and DJing started at age 12 and was influenced by his family members. He shared that he discovered music through his brother, while his father encouraged him to produce his own music. He used technology and the digital world to send all the music he produced online and waited for a label to pick it up. There, his dreams started to come true, and his career in the music industry started.

It is no coincidence that Jordan mentions Martin Garrix. Both talented DJs studied in the same high school at Herman Brood Academy. They both started DJing at the same age.

"When we are in the studio together, we are just having fun," Jordan said. "It's just like friends hanging out and watching videos… It is not like I am starstruck working with Martin: We are really good friends, and it's when you don't have to really care about someone's fame."

Jordan revealed that they will be releasing something together very soon. Jordan also just finished a new release with talented producer Olly James, with whom he recently collaborated for the song "Bounce That."

Apart from pursuing his career being a DJ, he also manages his own label, working tirelessly in the studio to continue developing his own sound. Despite the workload, Jordan still finds it very cool to be in the position CEO his own label: "I have a lot people working for me, having a team that is very dedicated to the label, dedicated to the management part." 

To engage more Asian fans, he created his own Weibo and Wechat account. "You guys rock, and I absolutely love you guys," he said. "I hope to see you guys soon near Asia. I can't wait to see you all."

Check out the full interview and find out more about DJ Julian Jordan on Billboard Radio China.