DUSTY LOCANE Hosts Underground Fight Night For Pugnacious 'RUMBLE' Video


Planet BK – DUSTY LOCANE’s frightening growl has Brooklyn buzzing. The Canarsie native returned on Wednesday (April 7) to unleash the pugnacious “RUMBLE” visual for his February single.

LOCANE plays host to an underground Brooklyn fight night as he narrates a heavyweight title bout with his harsh snarl. He even poses in the ring with the championship belt surrounded by a team of twerking women as dollars fly all around them.

The David Janoff-directed film then finds the drill rapper flexing with his gang outside and taking a phone call to make sure his business gets done in a timely fashion.

“RUMBLE” serves as LOCANE’s third official single and the Brooklyn rhymer’s stock is ticking upward as an artist to watch for the foreseeable future. DUSTY LOCANE is working toward the release of his debut project, which could release later this year.

Being from Brooklyn with a hoarse tone and even shouting “Woo,” DUSTY LOCANE quickly drew comparisons to Pop Smoke. Some criticized LOCANE for copying Pop Smoke’s style even down to the ad-libs, but he makes sure to pay homage to the late rapper whenever he can.

“Long live Pop Smoke, the greatest to do it,” DUSTY LOCANE told Fucious TV in January. “You’re entitled to your opinion, but you don’t know me. If you believe that, stick to that. Don’t switch when you see that I’m up, living better and doing better. If you believed that at some point in time I was trying to be somebody.”

He continued to explain how he actually grew up with Pop in Canarsie, “Elementary mostly. He left around 5th grade — 66th for anybody who know. Yeah we used to roll up, me, [Mike Dee], Stacks, Ace, all of us went to that same school.”

Watch the “RUMBLE” video above.