Ducky Announces New EP ‘Optimism,’ Shares Blood-Pumping Single ‘Stable Heart’: Exclusive


Vulnerability is scary, but when we choose to open ourselves to new people and experiences, we're often rewarded with true growth and opportunity. Butterflies in the stomach is the first sign you're on an exciting path, and for cartoon-loving, singer-songwriter and producer Ducky, that special moment comes together on a powerful new EP, aptly-titled Optimism.

The sonic story started with her recent single "Glue," a definite groove that caught our attention in September. Today (October 16), she follows it now with "Stable Heart," a complex, colorful production that moves through sweet melodic verses, frenetic d'n'b hooks and high-octane moods. The artist calls it a "true follow up" to its predecessor in style and context.

"They’re in chronological order," the producer tells Billboard Dance. "Whereas 'Glue' was about tearing yourself open through a fear of vulnerability, 'Stable Heart' is about feeling the rewards of that fight: true intimacy. It’s about the feeling that you’ve finally found a real partner, like you’ve got each other’s backs. You’re in this together, because you’re really present with each other and know each other. Vulnerability built that bridge, and now you’re falling hard."

"Stable Heart" is the second in a four song EP called Optimism, scheduled for release Oct. 23. It's a journey of experimentation and maturation, both for Ducky as a musician and a human being.

If you need a little inspiration for your own evolution, give "Stable Heart" a few plays and you'll be taking leaps in no time.