Drew Brees Clarifies Stance On LGBTQ+ Community After Recent Criticism


Drew Brees is one of the beacons of the New Orleans community thanks to his charitable contributions while playing with the Saints. While this may be true, he has come under fire recently for supporting an organization called “Focus on the Family.” He recently took part in their “Bring Your Bible to School Day” campaign which drew the attention of the LGBTQ+ community. “Focus on the Family” has received quite a bit of flack in the past for their views and “support gay conversion therapy and religious freedom laws, believe trans people are deranged, say anti-bullying groups promote homosexuality, and have lobbied for legislation allowing antigay workplace discrimination,” according to Queerty.com.

Brees took to Instagram to address this recent string of criticism and clarify that he stands with the LGBTQ+ community wholeheartedly.

“Hopefully this sets the record straight with who I am and what I stand for,” Brees said. “Love, Respect, and Accept ALL. I encourage you not to believe the negativity you read that says differently. It’s simply not true. Have a great day.”

It’s clear the comments were starting to get to him so it’s good he was able to get this off his chest. The Saints are about to embark on a long season and will be looking to exact revenge on the league for how they were robbed of a Super Bowl appearance.