Draymond Green Says Kevin Durant Makes The Warriors "Unbeatable"


For a fifth-straight year, the Golden State Warriors are off to the NBA Finals where they will have an opportunity to win their third-straight championship. It won’t be easy as they will be playing against either the Toronto Raptors or the Milwaukee Bucks. As of right now, the Warriors have been without Kevin Durant who is arguably one of the best players in the league. Despite his absence, the Warriors are undefeated without him in the lineup this postseason. This has led some people to say that Durant isn’t necessary when it comes to the Warriors’ success. For Draymond Green, that statement simply isn’t true.

“There’s been so much talk about how, ‘Oh, they’re the Warriors. Before Kevin got there they were great.’ Bulls—,” Green said according to ESPN. “We was damn good. I think we were a very good team who was tough to beat. I think when Kevin came here, he made us unbeatable. When DeMarcus [Cousins] came here, it made people scratch their head even more. And so we need those guys. The next series is going to be tough, and I hope and pray that we can get him back.”

The NBA Finals will begin on May 30th so Durant has nine days to recover before the start of the series. No matter who wins the Eastern Conference Finals, the Warriors will be starting the Finals on the road which will make it much harder for the team to start the series on a roll. In addition to Durant, the Warriors are also waiting on the return of DeMarcus Cousins.