DRAM Parties With His Elders in Groovy 'Best Hugs' Watch


D.R.A.M. returned without warning to surprise-release his three-track That's a Girl's Name EP last month. On Wednesday (August 8), the Virginia native teamed up with director Sam Hibbard to bring the project's lead track to life for the fascinating "Best Hugs" video.

The quirky video finds D.R.A.M. hanging out at a swingers' house party straight out the '70s. Colorful robes and facial hair were aplenty from the middle-aged male stars. Women in scandalous outerwear fool around with kinky accessories, such as whips, masks, chains and various black harnesses.  

The "Cute" artist doesn't even flinch at his surroundings, making viewers feel right at home for the duration the awkward gathering. Big Baby D.R.A.M. actually only gives out a couple hugs throughout the clip, and does most his bubbly rapping alone in a vibrant bedroom, laced in a pink turtleneck.

He later joins in on the fun with the rest the crew, who get a little too close for comfort in the overcrowded kitchen area, as a hilarious choreographed dance routine breaks out by the pool to the jol Oligee-produced instrumental.

Watch the "Best Hugs" video below.